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What’s Your Password?

I was talking to a friend of mine and she shared something with me that held my interest.  I wanted to pass it on so here it is:  your computer passwords, for all your log ins, USE THEM TO MANIFEST.  Yes, I said your passwords.  Here’s how she did it. Her password was manifestpeace.  She was going through a tumultuous time in her life.  She was in the midst of a divorce.  She had another personal relationship that was not peaceful.  She felt she needed and wanted peace in her life.  She made that her password for her accounts.

A year later, her work account prompted her to change her password.  She reflected on the password manifestpeace and realize that she now has peace.  It has come into her life.  She put those words in every day for a year, on autopilot, and they have come to fruition.  Those words are now a reality.  She changed her password to something else she would like to attract to her life since the previous password worked so well.

I said, that is really interesting because my default password is something I would like to attract and I now realize I have it and need to upgrade my password, as well.  Something simple that you do every day, like a password, a vision board or a sticky note in a visible area, can create change in your life.  The desire and the repetition created an element of attraction that cannot be denied.   The law of attraction must send to you what you are putting out to the universe.  What’s your password?