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What’s Your Password?

I was talking to a friend of mine and she shared something with me that held my interest.  I wanted to pass it on so here it is:  your computer passwords, for all your log ins, USE THEM TO MANIFEST.  Yes, I said your passwords.  Here’s how she did it. Her password was manifestpeace.  She was going through a tumultuous time in her life.  She was in the midst of a divorce.  She had another personal relationship that was not peaceful.  She felt she needed and wanted peace in her life.  She made that her password for her accounts.

A year later, her work account prompted her to change her password.  She reflected on the password manifestpeace and realize that she now has peace.  It has come into her life.  She put those words in every day for a year, on autopilot, and they have come to fruition.  Those words are now a reality.  She changed her password to something else she would like to attract to her life since the previous password worked so well.

I said, that is really interesting because my default password is something I would like to attract and I now realize I have it and need to upgrade my password, as well.  Something simple that you do every day, like a password, a vision board or a sticky note in a visible area, can create change in your life.  The desire and the repetition created an element of attraction that cannot be denied.   The law of attraction must send to you what you are putting out to the universe.  What’s your password?


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No Coincidences

My ride from my work to home is a beautiful trip through farm country and a public park with a vast amount of space.  A river runs through the park.  It’s the best part of my day, whether I’m going to or from work.

One day I found a dead beaver in the road.  My first thought was, what was a beaver doing out of its element?  A beaver in the road is like a fish out of water.  I took this beautiful creature home and buried it by the stream that runs through the back of my home in the woods.

Yesterday, I saw a black snake coiled up on the double yellow dividing line.  I assumed it was dead by the way it was laying.  When I stopped, I realized it wasn’t dead at all, it had paused in this small and somewhat safe area to re-assess it’s decision to cross this busy road.  I don’t know how long it had been there, it seemed a bit dehydrated and tired.  It was a sunny day so if it was there long, it may have been stressed by the road and the hot sun.

I picked up the snake and realized it was very much alive.  It was a black snake and they are very docile, gentle creatures.  I put it in my car, drove to and left it in the park in a hollowed out log so it could rest and regenerate the energy it had lost during its stressful day.  What I found interesting is that this snake had evaluated his decision to cross the road mid-way and decided that he was lucky to make the first half of the road but would not be so lucky to make it to the other side.  It stopped, made itself as small as possible (it was 5 feet and thick), and rested in the only safe place it could find, the double yellow line.

If you follow my work, or have read my book, then you know I find meaning in almost every event that is unusual.  I’ve thought often about the beaver.  I’m considering leaving the only field I’ve ever known for another one that I know very little about, yet there is an opportunity there.  I will be the beaver, a fish out of water, if I pursue this opportunity.   The beavers fate gives me pause, let’s just say that.

The snake is even more interesting.  The snake experience tells me to be cautious, to continuously re-evaluate the situation, and adapt when necessary.  I’m a risk taker, like the beaver.  I tend to only see possibilities and my stubborn optimism can sometimes fail me; I only see the possibilities and not the potential consequences.  This black snake has reminded me to move with caution, stop when there are warning signs, and re-evaluate the environment.

You receive messages from the universe every day.  If you stop and wonder what something means, it opens the door to learn more about your life.  Nothing is ever a coincidence.  The moment you stop to consider a coincidence, know there is more information embedded in that moment.

Peace to you today and always.